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جميع الكورسات ملك لمؤسسة غنائم الرحلة التجارية

والتي يمتلكها المهندس / أحمد عنقاوي،

ولا يجوز نسخها او بيعها لشخص آخر


جميع رسوم الكورسات والخدمات غير مستردة، تسديد الرسوم والتحويل  البنكي غير مسترد وهذا ما تنص علية لائحة التجارة الإلكترونية في الفقرة الثانية من المادة الثانية عشر


يحق لمؤسسة غنائم الرحلة التجارية تغيير جميع الشروط في اي وقت وبدون سابق انذار. بانضمامك إلى عضوية الموقع  فإنك توافق على جميع الشروط 

Payments and Refunds
When you make a payment, you agree to use a valid payment method. When you pay the course fees in any way (bank transfer to our commercial account - pay the money online or any other means) you know that you cannot get the money back, according to the most basic reason, because the courses are videos and information and this is what The e-commerce system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is stipulated in the second item of the twelfth point.

You agree to pay the fees for courses that you purchase, and you authorize us to charge your debit or credit card or process other means of payment (such as PayPal) for those fees. works with third party payment processing partners to offer you the most convenient payment methods in your country and to keep your payment information secure. Check out our Privacy Policy for more details.

When you make a purchase, you agree not to use an invalid or unauthorized payment method. If your payment method fails and you still get access to the course you are enrolling in, you agree to pay us the corresponding fees within Fourteen (14) days of notification from us. We reserve the right to disable access to any course for which we have not received adequate payments.


When you buy a course, this is because you are convinced of two things: you convinced of me as a coach in the fields that I offer my courses, and you are also completely convinced of the contents of the courses. What you pay with money is only for the theoretical and practical information you get inside the courses, which saves you time and effort and takes you to the right and short way to reach your goals. What you pay for course content is, in fact, not including personal support such as asking questions and other support methods after purchase. As this is a special training and it is called coaching. The private training (coaching) service is a separate, paid and independent service and it has nothing to do with the courses. you can request coaching service through the platform if it available, where I offer it when I have time for that.

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